Vintage 2000 Eve of Destruction: We’re Older, Sometimes Jewish, AND Better Looking

A friend of mine that writes movie reviews has boycotted the new Winona Ryder/Richard Gere film, August in New York, because she’s tired of films depicting relationships between older men and much younger women.  I’ve boycotted violent films against women because they freak me out and I wish Hollywood would stop making them too.  I wonder which of our boycotts stand a better chance?

She went on to say that unless we’re talking about the old films Harold and Maude or The Graduate the tables are never turned. But to me, even worse than that, it’s not even important to the theme when the male is significantly older. In those before-mentioned films the age difference was central to the plot, as it should be.  Yet Hollywood thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to match couples with enormous age differences, as long as it’s the man with the wiry gray hair, and then move on to their idea of a moneymaking plot.

When Glenn Close was given the role of Vice President up against Harrison Ford I was overjoyed.  Halfway though Air Force One I expected this incredibly gifted actress to be the one behind the kidnapping of the president.  Later in the film, I even hoped Hollywood would at least let her be his secret mistress, still a Hollywood standard, but no dice.  Glenn Close will have to be satisfied having the lead over 102 asexual Dalmatians.

When Sean Connery was cast opposite Catherine Zeta-Jones, a woman at least three or four decades younger, a few female eyebrows raised.  Its Sean Connery, who not unlike Clint Eastwood, Michael Douglas, Jack Nicholson and Harrison Ford that commands the respect, not the lovely bimbo.  (What else would real women consider calling this actress?)  These are not the types of films I want my daughter to see.  And, since the relationships themselves are not the core plot, is it possible this repeated message will make our own women expect, or worse, desire the same treatment?

What about Rene Rousso, Meg Ryan, Goldie Hawn, Michelle Pfeiffer and Kim Basinger being cast alongside younger men?  (Note to Jack Burditt: Please, for the women of SCV!)  These are women that celebrate their sexuality at forty and above.  They seem, for the moment at least, to be comfortably paired with men close to their own age.  Remember Hollywood the success of The Thomas Crown Affair, French Kiss and Bird on A Wire.

In national news we have our first Jewish vice-presidential candidate!  It wasn’t long ago that our country was putting their support behind Colin Powell!
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  I’m almost completely thrilled!  Because women, behind whatever else men will find to stand in our way, are again at the end of a long line of unappreciated heroes.  In our own community we have women encroaching forty and beyond well involved!
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  Joanne Darcy, Laurene Weste, Marlee Lauffer, Connie Worden-Roberts, Roberta Gillis, Gail Ortiz, Jill Klajic, Jan Heidt, fellow columnists Diana Sevanian, Patti Rasmussen, Pauline Harte, Joan Warden, Stacey Powells and countless others running businesses, PTA’s, medical and dental practices, driving buses, teaching and cooking your meals!  And I can bet they’re not all happily watching these films!

Ladies, it’s up to us.  When date night rolls around and hubby picks that escapist film again (Eddie brought home the ridiculous Deuce Bigalow last night, I brought down a book to read.)  Suggest a change.  One night you choose something enlightening and when it’s his turn again, and it should be awhile because they owe us, if they feel they must see something completely escapist let them know the message it’s sending you, the message it’s sending their daughters, and, what the invariable outcome it may have.

(Hollywood) Daddies don’t let your daughters grow up to covet older men as mates.  Not when there are presidential, and vice presidential, candidates still to be chosen in their future!