A day in the life of a wine 101er (Vintage Beacon Circa 8-09)

It starts before 5 in the morning, the anal compulsion to blog about my wine adventures…but it really started 14 years ago, when I began poking fun of all things Santa Clarita in a local newspaper.  Who knew that movers, shakers, and those of us in-between, enjoyed a little wine now and then?  

Rhone Rangers 2012 Eve sampling RoseI’ve been writing, can you believe this, before I started drinking.  (You thought I was going to say walking?)  Anyway, I wrote under the column header Eve of Destruction (while poking fun) and Another Face of Eve (when doing good) before I settled on using Eve’s Wine 101 for almost the last 5 years.

I met a lot of local people running non-profits, politicians for hire, business owners…you get the drift.  When the newspaper asked me to write about wine I found that most of the people I had met, well, seemed to have an interest in wine as well.  And what’s more, they wanted to perch themselves on my glass, follow my wine adventures, and, basically, get thoroughly loose through me.

So this is what I do every day to satisfy your every whim.

Yes, I’m up at 5am, because I walk my LA City Fire Chief to his car, with his coffee and Wall Street Journal, every morning…or at least the ones where he is on shift.

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  Then, in rapid succession comes, the run, the coffee, the reading and returning of e-mails, adding events to the SCV Wine Calendar, checking in on Facebook, Twitter, the West Ranch Beacon, reading my friends blogs, taking all the little scraps of notes that I jotted down in the middle of the night and transferring them into a “blog notes” document, get ready to blog and then I see my daughter off to school…

I do work part time, the hours my teenage cherub is in school, but I will leave that job up to your imagination.  My employer is a wonderful person that ignores my wine passion…and allows me just enough hours, and salary, to escape cooking and cleaning my own house.

Then back at home after the end of the school day, I transfer non-profit, and for-profit, press releases into blog posts, put their art with a link on my blog, return more e-mails, put up photos and guest posts from readers, take time to write to and work with my two wonderful contributors: Michael Perlis and Rusty Sly that also give time to my Wine 101 blog.  Then sift through the dozens of invites I receive every month to see which I can attend and write more about.

I write my big blog story for this site, prepare my weekly Dear Wine Friend newsletter, and then, by the end of the week, I’m headed out to a wine tasting or wine education class.

I try and go to as many non-profit events, and advertise that I’ll be there in my newsletter so that others, may be on the fence, might go as well.

I take a Pepcid AC if it’s a farly large tasting so I can be feeling tip top the next day when I start again at, you guessed it, 5am.

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3 thoughts on “A day in the life of a wine 101er (Vintage Beacon Circa 8-09)

  1. That is so awesome Eve, since I’ve been following you these last five years (since being unemployed) I really admire you and your energy and learning more about wine. You have the advantage over me as a novice wine enthusiast, you are a super writer and educator, thanks for all your hard work and continual success. Cheers!

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