April 2010 Vintage Beacon: The Artful Way…to see yourself in wine

I missed last Thursday’s Art Walk in Downtown Newhall when Jane Mick’s wine and martini themed art was displayed at the Repertory Theatre, but that didn’t stop my wine peeps from reporting what I had missed. So, being your wine 101 correspondent, I checked out Jane’s website, liked everything I saw and then contacted Jane myself so we could meet.

Seeing Dance in Glass

Jane Mick The-WaltzJane has always loved dance, driving from her home in Circle J Ranch to take weekly dance classes in Acton, and had started by painting dancers on flowers. The arch of a rose petal matching that of a dancer’s bend.

“Then my son, who has taken on some of my marketing while still in college, suggested I infuse my dancers into a more popular medium: wine and spirits. And I thought the idea romantic.

My first was a four-foot tall, yet narrow, canvas. I had my dancer looking at her own image in the wine bottle, with her arm bent and resting on her hip, she seemed to be saying, ‘Where’s my glass?’ so that’s what I titled it. Every painting I do tells a story. It could be mine, as you would guess from the titles, or yours.

Sometimes during a show, like the Rep Theatre or a local wine bar, I get comments that influence me for a future piece. One customer suggested I paint in a couple so that she could give it as a wedding present. I have no problem embellishing my work for what my clientele likes. I even changed the face or hair for them. Makes it very personal and unique.”

I asked Jane about her own wine interests. “Sure, I go out with the girls once a week, and it’s always over wine. Pretty typical for me. And, I’ve had to do ‘research’ by going on wine trips.”

Jane has lots of ideas in her head. From adorning the walls of local wine bars and restaurants to creating wine labels. Look for Jane’s art and contact her via her website: http://www.janenmick.com/gallery.htm, on the walls of the Rep, at Kishos Valencia and anywhere you find the Santa Clarita Valley Artist’s Association displays at rotating venues.

The Art Walk

Art Walk is every first Thursday of the month, rain or shine. They serve free wine and snacks in some of the art locations. It is held at the same time as the open-air fresh produce Farmers Market, 5 – 8pm, and Main Street is closed off from traffic. Jane is at the Rep every 1st Thursday with new paintings – that’s her spot. They are hoping that it will grow each month with more artists and visitors, new and old, to Santa Clarita.

Mick Gallery

Oil paintings of wine, martinis, romance, and fun conversational art is what the Mick Gallery is all about. We offer a special line of celebration art by award winning artist Jane Mick. You might find a romantic image of a dancing couple, a woman, or even two or three women hidden in the images. These paintings of celebration portray an intimate mood or a fun scene that can be left up to the imagination of the viewer. Jane Mick’s fine art has now gained such popularity that we offer signed and numbered limited edition giclees. These paintings are great for home, bar or restaurants. http://www.MickGallery.com/


Jane Mick was born in London England, but has lived most of her life in California. She started her career as a fashion designer and then worked as a graphic designer at a sign shop. Art is such an important part of her life that during those years Jane always had art projects to keep her creativity going. Jane Mick has now moved into the world of fine art. Because of Jane’s love of dance and the theater she first started to paint dancers and flowers combined to bring fun and color to the canvas. Living in California and visiting many of the wineries the dancers in her paintings started to appear in wine bottles. Jane started getting requests for a dancing couple in a wine bottle and fun images in martini glasses. Jane gets a great kick out of making a little story that goes with some of the paintings, but you might see a different story. And that is great. Finding a painting that speaks to you, portrays a mood, or is just fun to look at is what Jane Mick’s painting are all about. Jane likes to capture that special moment in time or just to have something fun to talk and laugh about while still decorating a room.

Jane Mick hopes you enjoy her art as much as she enjoys creating it!