Two New International Events: Symposium and WOW! Meetings

After the success of Wine Paris and Vinexpo Paris in February, and Vinexpo America and Drinks America in March – three events that marked the resumption of large-scale in-person events attracting trade members from across the globe – Vinexposium continues to forge ahead with preparations for new events in Bordeaux. From 20 to 23 June, Vinexposium will organize 2 new international events for wine and spirits professionals within the Bordeaux Wine Week: the Symposium « Act for Change » and the WOW! Meetings. Both events, which will comprise large panel discussions and business meetings, will provide the industry with practical solutions for short and medium-term changes to vineyard management and sales techniques.

From Thursday 16 to Sunday 26 June 2022, life in the city of Bordeaux will revolve around a broad-ranging raft of events with several highlights that will form the backbone of Bordeaux Wine Week: the Bordeaux Wine Festival, the Bordeaux Grands Crus Week-End, the ‘Picasso, the effervescence of shapes’ exhibition, the ‘Act for Change’ Symposium and the WOW! Meetings.

As part of this innovative schedule, Vinexposium will host two events focusing on the future of the industry for wine and spirits professionals.

The ‘Act for Change’ Symposium on 20 and 21 June at the Cité du vin.

The two-day event is set within a broader context and will question the role and commitment of the wine and spirits industry to the far-reaching agenda of the United Nations and COP 26.

A robust, engaging programme will allow experts and industry members to take the floor and decipher major developments to come and their impact on wine and spirits production and distribution by 2030.

The first day of the Symposium will focus on deciphering key forthcoming changes centring on 3 major aspects that will continue to have a decisive influence on the industry in years to come: changes in consumption and consumers; climate change; and geopolitical tensions. The second day will address the role of innovation in transforming vineyard and winery practices and the revolution in wine and spirits distribution in tomorrow’s world, based on the previous day’s conclusions. The main themes that will tackled will include:

  • Changing consumer patterns: what taste and story will appeal to consumers in 2030?Which back story on the label will capture the consumers’ interest in 2030? What production guarantees will they demand? Aroma and flavour profile, endorsements and packaging will all be criteria that need deciphering. Change is afoot and the first panel discussion – moderated by Jane Anson, founder of – will examine this multi-dimensional issue through the lens of the 2030 consumer.
  • What are the consequences of climate change for winegrowing?
    From frost and drought to early harvests and small crops, winegrowers are on the front line of climate change. A plethora of specialist resources and consultants have emerged in recent years but what are the priorities and how can we help growers identify them and anticipate the future? This impactful theme, moderated by journalist Tamlyn Currin MW, will be discussed with a panel of stakeholders involved in research and noteworthy initiatives in the industry across the globe.
  • Production and agro-ecology: what innovations can we expect in the future?
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    Responsible production is one of the priorities identified by the 2030 Agenda and has become a growing concern for many consumers. What changes should be incorporated into tomorrow’s viticulture, how can we help producers identify good practices and what role should the authorities play? This panel discussion will be moderated by consultant and author Rupert Joy and will bring together a panel of winegrowers from a number of French and international wine and spirits regions alongside experts in technological and digital innovation as well as political figures.
  • E-commerce or ultra-local: how will wine and spirits be distributed in 2030?
    Globalisation, e-commerce, the rise in prices and decarbonisation of the supply chain, price transparency on the Internet, a plethora of information for the consumer… How can and should producers and marketers reinvent themselves to adapt to and benefit from current trends? This panel discussion, moderated by Drinks Business editor-in-chief Patrick Schmitt, will round off the Symposium with a panel specialising in wine and spirits distribution and communications with tomorrow’s consumer.

The WOW! Meetings on 22 and 23 June at Hangar 14.

The production and consumption of certified wines is constantly growing. Vineyard area now covers more than 400,000 hectares worldwide, 78% of them located in Europe.

In response to this strong trend, Vinexposium will be hosting the first trade event entirely dedicated to environmentally certified wines and spirits in a rigorous B-to-B format.

100% business-focused, the event will welcome French and international buyers who plan to purchase certified wines and spirits (*) and have come to source new listings by producers and trading companies that work in this market segment. The aim is to support exponential development of the products worldwide.

Every effort will be made to promote quality relationships in a setting conducive to both business and conviviality, where a cap will intentionally be placed on the number of participants. Consequently, exhibitors will be selected based on stringent specifications and will be able to meet buyers who have confirmed their purchasing intentions prior to the event through a schedule of pre-arranged, qualified meetings.

Thanks to support from the Bordeaux city council, the Bordeaux conurbation authorities, the New Aquitaine regional council, the Bordeaux wine marketing council, the Cité du Vin and Bordeaux Gironde Chamber of Commerce and Industry, these two events will take place as part of BORDEAUX WINE WEEK.

(*) Due to the range of environmental schemes implemented internationally, the organisers will focus on taking into account certifications in each country for 4 types of farming: Sustainable (starting from level 2 certification); Organic; Biodynamic and Natural. Producers who would like to take part in the WOW! Meetings must systematically provide their certificates and conversion schemes.


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