Trying Not to Sip at a Wine Affair

Usually I attend wine events and write about them. Pretty simple. But several weeks ago a friend asked me to volunteer with her, “for fun”, at The Wine Affair: Sip, Stroll & Savor the Sounds. My husband was working that day anyway, so I thought, why not? Last year I attended the event and wrote about it (A reprint of that was up this past month to remind people to buy their tickets – the event was a sell-out.)

When I was assigned to help Cathy Craig serve Silkwood wines inside Ro, Ma Jewelers I thought I scored – Yes! Inside! The heat had been unbearable and this past Sunday was to be the threshold of 100+ degree days with just enough humidity to put me over the edge…

So I show up for duty. I check in with the Soroptimist International of Greater Santa Clarita Valley and get my schedule. Five hours with Cathy pouring wine. I’d never done it before, and right away Cathy told me to scoot out and enjoy the event, but she was all alone with all that wine…so I stayed put.

My friend, the one that signed me up, had one hour of hostessing to do and then she went off and bought tickets to do the event without me!

This said friend shall remain nameless…but we do have the same number of “e”s in our name… And I still dig her!

So, fast forward, I’m trying to learn how to use those pesky do-dads that serve a two ounce pour. I can’t do it. I don’t have the right wrist action or something. I finally learn that I have to invert the bottle completely to get it to work right and concern myself, for the rest of the day, with the idea that I may not be able to pour without one as I will mistakenly invert my bottles at home…

I pour, Cathy opens, she explains her wine, I mark off tickets. We have a system going. She lets me talk to wine 101ers that were seeking Eve/Waldo per my Twitter (Where is Eve/Waldo now?) without complaint. When I try and talk to more than 3 friends at a time and tip over a bottle of opened wine at the table – Cathy resists the urge to put a cork in me.

It was great fun. I would do it again. If Cathy will have me…

Here is the important stuff:

I got to drink endless amounts of Silkwood’s Red Duet (50% Cab & 50% Syrah), Syrah and Petite Syrah. (My favorite: Petite Syrah. ) And since we shared a table with Leona Valley Winery I also got a few pours of their wine. (My favorite: 2004 Fault Line Shiraz.)

I did get to visit a couple of friends before the event started: Victor Herstein from Vic Rocks was setting up his band, Guy Lelarge was preping his classy wine bar for 400 guests, locals Steve Lemley and Nate Hasper where ready to introduce their Pulchella wines and Greg Amsler was prepping Salt Creek Grille’s patio in style. I wish I could have gotten to see more of the workers, as I was one of them this day, but was happy to serve a great organization. One that let me drink while I work!

6 thoughts on “Trying Not to Sip at a Wine Affair

  1. Oh Ya… I would take you anytime!! Thanks again was a lot of fun and you were a great partner in "wine"

  2. You have as much fun in a 2-mile-radius (from home) as I do going up-and-down the whole State! 🙂

    Always LOVE reading about your wine adventures, Eve. Your blog is one of the few that also makes me feel all warm-and-fuzzy inside, too…Kudos! 🙂

  3. Thanks for reading Chad – that means a lot to me! It's amazing how much wine has become the go-to luxury for non-profit events – and for profit too – here in our town! (Though you do remind me I gotta get out once in awhile!)

  4. Sounds like you had a great day. Sorry I missed it, but I had a great lazy Sunday at home with my sweetie.

  5. Goddess – this is a teaser tweet from last year, the new story comes out Friday in the West Ranch Beacon!

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