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Cocktail Recipes for your Valentine’s Day

Lover’s Lagoon. McCoy’s Oceanfront at Fort Lauderdale Marriott Pompano Beach Resort & Spa, Fla. Think of as a moonlit stroll on the beach -- in a glass. Ingredients: 1 oz vodka 1 oz spiced rum 1 oz peach juice 1 oz pear juice 1 oz plum juice ½ oz blue … Read Full Article

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Chef Eve 101 Makes: Bourbon Pecan Pie!

Bourbon Pecan Pie (My edits are in italics below) Ingredients 1 (9-inch) deep-dish frozen pie shell 3 eggs 5 tablespoons butter, at room temperature 1 cup packed brown sugar (no lumps, as you don't want to "beat" with eggs in mixture) 3/4 cup … Read Full Article


Vintage Beacon Circa 5/2011: The Cellar is OPEN

This week I’ve given over my column to run the full press release I received regarding news of The Cellar. Here as your wine conduit, and wanting to dispel all rumors, I hope that you read this through and share with wine pals. And, I won’t rest until we have … Read Full Article