Jenny Ketchepaw does SLO With Facebook

In the constant search for new voices for our wine 101 blog, I sometimes invite Facebook friends to contribute. When I noticed Jenny and Tim Ketchepaw were headed to wine country in San Luis Obispo this past weekend I watched her Facebook page for “progress”. I’d say they did fairly well and enjoyed the “virtual” drink through them…would you like a “virtual” tour when you can’t go yourself? I thought so…

Thursday: Alamo tacos and then packing for SLO and Paso – wine loving here we come!

Friday, 7:38 pm: Justin – check. Opolo – check – Jada – check – Tablas Creek – check -Meet Nelson and Jeanie at the private 70s wine party because Jenny and Danielle joined a wine club (because they served gourmet cheese) – priceless! Next stop Firestone for tri tip.

Saturday, 11:16 am: Breakfast at Louisa’s in downtown SLO then off to the wineries again. Wahoo!

12:56 pm: Wine tasting at Eberle…Oh, we found so many new wonderful wineries – mmmmm

1:26pm: Barrel tasting at Bianchi. Oh yum.

Tablas – ok. Justin – good. Bianchi – amazing. Eos – very good. Jada – mmmm good fun. Not sure how to blog remotely – I have never blogged. Opolo – heaven. Robert Hall is next.

2:39pm: Oh! Sitting on the patio at EOS, listening to the band and eating an EOS wine infused sausage. Now that is how I like my sausage.

3:50pm: Peachy Canyon – sooooo good! Fantastic.

4:04pm: Jankris has super tasty sparkling wine. Peach and rasberry – oh my! You know we love our champagne!

4:31pm: Stick a fork in me. 7 wineries today – 4 yesterday. Hunt cellars – very good expensive wine but no air conditioning. It is 90 degrees – come on. Wine and sweat don’t mix so well. Apple farm for a nap before dinner.

5:07pm: hmmm- sitting on the AppleFarms patio for their special guest complimentary happy hour.

And then her final post 7:54pm: a dinner on the patio at Novo.

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  1. gary says:

    Next time you venture "way out west" in Paso stop for a real treat at Carmody McKnight winery (adjacent to Justin) Winemaker Greg Cropper is a jewel as are his wines.

  2. Goddess of Wine says:

    Next time you're on the West 46, stop at Dark Star Cellars (winemaker Norm Benson and wife Susan). And don't miss son Brian Benson's wines.

  3. Claudia says:

    Love Jenny & Tim's virtual blog! I totally agree with Hunt – great wines, not so great tasting room though. I miss Paso – it's definitely time for a trip. Next time I'm just going to show up at the Ketchepaw residence and plant myself in the car! Love you two!

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