Announcing Bellissimo Cellars: The Next Commercial Winery in Santa Clarita Valley To Come From Valencia’s Only Bonded, Licensed and Local Winery

Bellissimo Cellars Follows SCV Winery Owners, Pulchella Winery, as Second Commercial SCV Winery

SANTA CLARITA, CA – Specializing in small case wine production of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Sangiovese from only organic farms in the Central Coast of California, Bellissimo Cellars is proud to announce that they are the first locally-owned commercial winery to come from our only winemaking facility in Valencia, SCV Custom Crush Services.

Steve Lemley, co-owner with Nate Hasper of SCV Custom Crush Services and Pulchella Winery, commented, “Nate and I are very excited for Bellissimo cellars. Lora pours her heart and soul into these wines and they truly showcase her ability to produce complex artisanal wines. We raise our glasses to her efforts and hope that Santa Clarita wine lovers will do the same.”

Bellissimo red bull“Between the support and hands-on care I received while making my very first wines at SCV Custom Crush Services I feel confident that the organic farming principles I found in my fields carried forth in the principled winemaking I’ve accomplished,” Lora Marie Taylor, Bellissimo Cellars owner and Stevenson Ranch resident said. “I’m looking forward to pouring the fruits of our labors at Wine in the Pines on June 13…and maybe soon in Steve and Nate’s tasting room.”

Learn more about Taylor’s wines via her Facebook:, soon to be unveiled in a new updated website: and or contact owner/winemaker Lora Marie Taylor:

About Bellissimo Cellars

At Bellissimo Cellars we believe that nature itself produces a product that is close to perfect. That’s why we don’t believe in manipulating our wines.

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We let the fermentation process occur naturally. We feel this type of natural production leads to more interesting and unique wines and gives the wine enthusiast the opportunity to discover something truly exceptional. Our less-is-more philosophy carries over to the type of vineyards we work with, choosing to source our grapes only from organically-farmed vineyards.

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A Bellissimo Cellars wine is never mass produced. Instead, we take an artisan-approach, making less than 1000 cases each vintage of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Sangiovese. By staying boutique, we’re able to create extraordinary varietals in limited production.

We hope you’re able to taste the love we put into each of our wines in each sip you take.