Michael Perlis: Blues Jam

We are pretty fortunate here in the Santa Clarita Valley. Not only do we have five wine bars in town, but, when the weekend rolls around, we can usually look forward to some pretty outstanding entertainment at some of them. On Friday and Saturday night, I can usually see one of my favorite local bands, such as:

Vic Rocks!
The Cellar Rats
Bedford Park
The Jim Mooney Band
Acoustic Soul

We often get together with our friends and enjoy the music, some dancing, and of course, wine!

But sometimes I think we might be spoiled. We get such good entertainment so often that we might take it for granted and miss it when something really special comes along.

On the third Sunday of every month, The Cellar hosts the “Ann The Raven Blues Jam”.

Ann is the Blues DJ at KCSN 88.5 FM every Saturday night and is a fixture in the Blues community.

The first “Ann The Raven Blues Jam” was held at The Cellar on her birthday in July. It was so popular that DiMaggio decided to make it a monthly event.

Recently, the featured performer was Francesca Capasso & The Cats-A-Renos. Francesca and her band performed some amazing songs during her first set. And, as they were playing, something magical happened. Musician after musician walked in carrying instruments and signed in to play.

After Francesca & The Cats-A-Renos finished their first set, performer after performer took the stage. I lost track of how many bands we heard, but they were all fantastic.

And then Francesca et al took the stage for the final set, belting out songs with her incredible voice and had us dancing to songs such as “Me and Bobby McGee” and “Saw Him Standing There”.

The problem is – you all missed it!!! You missed an incredible show by some great entertainers, and it was FREE! You could have shown up, bought a glass or bottle of wine, enjoyed Chef Liz’s great cooking and enjoyed some of the best entertainment you’ll find in the SCV [or lots of other places]!

I don’t know how long this event will continue without local support, so I am asking everyone to check it out next time, which will be Sunday, November 21st. If you don’t, you’ll be missing something special, and eventually we all might.

Come on.

Michael Perlis provides outsourced controller services to businesses that do not need a full-time controller. He balances this with his interest in wine: reading and writing about it and, of course, drinking it. He is still trying to figure out how to combine these two pursuits. Feel free to contact him about either at mcpfinancial@aol.com or michaelthezinfan@aol.com.  

(Some of the additional musicians were James MartinKelly, Glenn Baren, Gary Coppoca, Ken Frezil, and Christopher Willson(Chris). And our very own Vic Herstein.)

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  1. I have to agree with Michael in that it was a wonderful time with friends, good wine, wonderfully delicious foods prepared by Chef Liz, and a great atmosphere at The Cellar but most exceptional was the music provided to us to enjoy and dance to and it was indeed free. The talent we are so fortunate to have the opportunity to enjoy on the third Sundays of the month is a real treat and one not to be missed! If you have not had the chance to go to this you owe it to yourself to move it to the top of your list as you will be glad you did!!!!

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