Jake Lorenzo: “Steak Jake” lifted from his book Cold Surveillance

I can only aspire to think a little like wine writer Jake Lorenzo, my talent ends there.  His book, Cold Surveillance, may show some age but many of the columns collected are still very funny and quite topical.  For Recipe Sunday I lifted his very simple Steak Jake:


3 T Scallions

3 T Chives

3 T Parsley

3 T Worcestershire Sauce

3 T Olive Oil

4 Filet Steaks

Tequila (not listed but used in directions)


Saute first four ingredients in 1 T olive oil.  Set aside.  Saute steaks in remaining oil in HOT pain.  Top each steak with some scallion mixture.  Flame with warmed Tequila.  Spoon pan juices over steaks and serve.