Ola’s Coconut Milk Ice Cream Becomes Eve’s Coconut Rum Dinner

As usual my edits to the recipe are in italics below:

Take one can of full fat coconut milk and keep in refrigerator over night.  (Oops…I put it in the freezer first, then looked at the recipe the next day and put it in the fridge, apparently no harm done, as I’m still alive.)

Take out of fridge and turn can upside down and open from that end.

Pour out watery coconut water and only use thick coconut cream from bottom.

(Okay, the water came right out, I held back the thick coconut with the can’s lid.  What was left looked truly disgusting…)

Whip it until you have a partially whipped consistency.  (The coconut totally redeemed itself, no longer disgusting once whipped.  I added the honey, mentioned in the last step below, as I thought it would be easier to mix in while not so hard.)

Freeze for about two hours.

Eve’s Coconut Rum DinnerTake out of freezer, should be slushy.

Add unsweetened cocoa powder and honey to your taste and its ready to eat. I also added raspberries. Enjoy.

What I did to it: I added one cup of orange juice, two shots of Appleton Estate Jamaican Rum, tossed it in a blender and called it dinner.  Yes, it was that freaking filling and good!