If I had to cook on my birthday, which is (shameless plug) 4/3, I would choose something easy like this

Another braising sauce/meal starter from Williams Sonoma!  Every Christmas I get 3-4 of these starter kits in jars, store them away and then pull from my pantry in a pinch.  I haven’t been disappointed yet!  Each one is unique and all have incredible flavors – that someone else has spent the time creating.  Today’s is “Belgian Beer and Onion Beef.”  The recipe is on the back of the jar, I used the “over method” and I didn’t make any changes.

I usually make a pot of egg noodles to serve under the beef and sauce.

We paired this a with a decanted, and filtered, 2003 Nickel and Nickel Regusci Vineyard block 4 Cabernet Sauvignon.  Both the meal and the pairing were perfect.

Belgian Beer and Onion Beef Starter Sauce03 Nickel and Nickel Resusci Vinyeard block 4 and stew