Vintage Eve: The 2009 Holiday Tasting (To join us this Sunday call 661-254-9300)

This is part of my “seducer” article for Valencia Wine Company’s annual holiday tasting that ran two years ago…hope to see you THIS Sunday over some remarkable wines again!

Nine years!  When I looked back at the nine columns I’ve done on this event, first for the newspaper, and then the West Ranch Beacon and my own Eve’s Wine 101 website, I’m kind of amazed by my use of superlatives (def: Of the highest order, quality, or degree; surpassing or superior to all others.)  Really?  How is it I can always find something new to say about a simple, little tasting…?  Because Guy Lelarge doesn’t doesn’t do anything that can be considered “simple” or “little.”  Every year he goes all out in impressing his guests.  One year I called it “300 Wines Paired Outstandingly With 300 Guests” just to show people how much we had to taste, another year my title boldly stated guests were going to be “Seduced” by the range of wines served from Argentina to France and New Zealand, and one of my favorites, where the tasting was delayed a full week because of a fire that closed our main artery, the 5 freeway, I called “Our Tasting Arrived.”

What will our next title be? “Guy has Assembled his ‘Most Valuable Players’ of Suppliers for his 9th Year of Holiday Tastings”, “All Wines at this Year’s Holiday Tasting Event will be Available for Guests at a Courtesy Discount” or “Guy Goes Back to Intimate Style of Tasting, Limited Number of Guests will Focus on Quality”????  Yes, I’m thirsty just planning the title…hope to have whet your wine appetite as well and I will see you there:

Valencia Wine Company

24300 Town Center Drive #105

Valencia, Ca

(Call 661-254-9300 or stop by ASAP to purchase your tickets – and see you 2pm on Sunday!)

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