Food Blogger Shares 10 Best Practices for Following a Recipe

The good news is that award-winning food blog has just published an easy-to-read article with 10 best practices for following a recipe. Just some of the practical wisdom courtesy of Giangi Townsend, food maven and founder of the globally-popular blog, includes:

  • Before starting any recipe, read it twice from beginning to end.
  • Understand that cooking times are soft suggestions, not hard rules.
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  • Head to YouTube to learn how to dice, chop and julienne like a pro.
  • Understand the different ways to measure liquids vs. solids.

In addition to these and several other best practices, the article also provides advice on replacing ingredients without ruining recipes, such as swapping breadcrumbs with panko, white pepper with black pepper, and more.
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There is also a bonus tip on presentation that can make all the difference between a meal that is worthy of remembering fondly, and one that is destined to be quickly forgotten. Writes Giangi: “Remember to serve your dishes in beautiful plates! Personally, I really like white plates as makes the food stand out more…Portion and shape are also important. After all, we don’t just eat with our mouth and stomach — we also eat with our eyes. A fantastic presentation is much more inviting.
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The full article is available on the blog at: Access is free, and no sign-up is required. The recently re-designed website also features original recipes, money-saving offers and coupons, and is optimized for all screens including tablets and smartphones.

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