For Laker Fans from Michael P. (Originally posted June 2009)


Here’s my post, if it could run during the upcoming Finals, that would be pretty awesome.


After family, friends, and career, I would venture to guess that two of the most important things in my life are wine and the Lakers. I’m not sure if this sound pathetic, but it is true.

I first became a fan of the Lakers in 1971-72, during that incredible 69-13 season, which included that historic 33-game winning streak. Watching Jerry, Wilt, Gail and the rest of the team during that championship season got me hooked.

Now I am not a fair-weather fan. Some people think that the Lakers have always been good. And, overall, they have been a very successful organization. But, they have had their trying times in between the great teams of Wilt and Jerry, Kareem and Magic, Shaq and Kobe, and now Kobe and Pau. I remember some pretty poor teams — teams that didn’t make the playoffs, or if they did, were eliminated early.

But through it all, I followed the Lakers, often listening to Chick’s “word’s-eye view” on the radio, as these were the days before home games being shown on cable. Actually, these were the days before cable.

In the mid-80s, I discovered wine. A lot of trials and tribulations there too, as I struggled to learn as much as I could about this incredible — what, beverage? Yes, but much more, at least to me. Finally, I was just able to enjoy what I liked and not worry too much about the details.

I was going to try to tie these two things together, my Lakers and my wine, talk about how when a great team plays together it resembles the components of a great wine coming together, but that would be kind of a stretch, don’t you think? But, what they do have in common is the enjoyment I get from them, and I think that’s what matters.

Which is why you’ll often find my wife and me at our favorite table at All Corked Up, watching the game and drinking [and sharing] our wine, especially this time of year.

Michael P.

3 thoughts on “For Laker Fans from Michael P. (Originally posted June 2009)

  1. Great post, Michael P.! I used to be a Dodger fan only, and that was the extent of my sports interest. In the last few years, though, I have discovered a love for the craziness and the fast pace of basketball – the Lakers of course, but also the Spurs, the great Tim Duncan, and Spurs Coach Greg Popovich. There's our wine link! He has a superb wine collection and has educated his team to enjoy wine as well! Wouldn't dream of missing a Laker game without a glass of red! The only bad thing about the finals is that they are on only every couple or three days…

  2. Thanks for reading Leah. I have a new appreciation for the Lakers -seen now through your eyes and Michael's!

  3. Thanks for the comment, Leah.

    I'm not a fan of the Spurs, just because of their rivalry with the Lakers. But, I'm not a Spur-hater. They are a classy organization and Pop is a great coach. And, yes, he is one of us winos.

    Wonder if Phil is into wine.

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