Don’t Wait for a Birthday…do OTBN

It’s a wine holiday! Since 2000, a special Saturday night in February has been designated Open That Bottle Night. This year, the special day falls on February 28.

A little bit of History about Open That Bottle Night: Most winos have a bottle of wine sitting around that is too fancy or expensive to open on just any old Saturday night. After years of saving, the perfect moment never seemed to come and the bottle is just collecting dust in your ‘under the sink wine cellar.’

That’s why two Wall Street Journal wine reporters* created Open That Bottle Night eight years ago. Open That Bottle Night becomes the reason to pop open a bottle that, for one reason or another, you just have not gotten around to drinking. So dust off that gem you’ve been saving and Open That Bottle!
*Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher of WSJ

So here’s the dilemma…what to open? And…make it a party or a party for two?

I e-mailed a wine guru to suggest he make an evening out of it. No response – so I guess he’s not sharing.

Today’s my sister-in-law’s birthday…do I ask her to hold off a week before she opens that second bottle of her new favorite: Duckhorn Migration 2006 Pinot Noir?

Do I take a nice ready-to-drink bottle from my mini storage, formerly the garbage-compactor space in my kitchen, or from my sub-zero sized cellar in the garage? (The second option means I have to TELL MY HUSBAND.)

Can I even convince my husband?

I have a week to make decision…but here are some choices:

Joseph Phelps Insignia 2001
Silver Oaks 2001
Pride Mountain Merlot 2002
Phifer Pavitt Cabernet Sauvignon 2003
Lynch Bages Bordeaux 2000, 2003
Banfi Brunello 1999
Poggio Antico Brunello 1997
Costello Banfi Brunello 1997
Chateau Ducro Bordeaux 2000
Marcarini Barolo 2000
I’m stopping here as instead of OTBN it’s going to become OTB(EVERY SINGLE)N! I await your comments…with thirsty palate, empty wine glass and an-ti-ci-pation.

8 thoughts on “Don’t Wait for a Birthday…do OTBN

  1. I tried commenting before but I had a user error. Hopefully, this doesn’t post twice.

    About five years ago I was given a magnum of Dampierre Brut Rosé champagne. I kept waiting for that special occasion that never quite came. Finally, about two years ago, I decided to bring it with me to a New Year’s Eve party full of wine lovers. It was a hit. It was as perfect as I had hoped it would be and I was happy that I got to share it with friends.

    I have a few bottles tucked away in our wine fridge that we keep waiting to open. You’ve inspired me to dig through and find something to open on the 28th!

  2. We're doing OTBN too of course but are considering doing with friends…but…err…what if my OTB is better than their OTB? Do I tell them in my usual Eve-Way that the requirement is Age & Beauty? Cost & Value? Mine and Theirs?

  3. I cannot tell you how much I love the Insignia Wines – I had the pleasure of a private tour with Bill Phelps the son of Joseph and it was incredible and of course the wine was off the charts!!!

  4. We did a tour years ago, but don’t think we had a Phelps giving it. (Though nothing compares to Del Dotto cave tour we had with their winemaker, Gerard Zanzonico.) But we are members at Phelps and have many of their vintages – hard to choose, isn’t it?

  5. Thank you for calling for stories of OTBN. Last night my wife and I opened up a special bottle from 2001. The full accounting of the evening is at the end if this link. Hope you enjoy.

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