A Pulchella Winery Update from Steve Lemley (Soon to be in Downtown Newhall!)


It’s been a few weeks since the newspaper articles came out announcing our tasting room in Old town Newhall so I thought I would send you an update.  We are busy getting ready to send out our spring wine club shipment soon.  We have confirmed that we will be participating the Betty Ferguson Vine 2 Wine Event in the spring as well so we hope to see you all there.  We would also like to say thanks to the guys at All Corked Up. They are carrying all of our current releases now and we will hopefully be having an exclusive Pulchella pouring night soon.  

The city has been very helpful in realizing our unique zoning situation and has granted us a temporary permit with the hopes that they can write a new ordinance for our exact business type as there is not one currently.  This will pave the way for other wineries to come to Santa Clarita in the future and we think that’s a great situation for everyone involved.  

We are looking at three possible locations on Main street in Newhall.  All  have great potential and we doing everything we can to get us into the one that suites us best  ASAP.  In a couple of the locations, we would have to run through the normal process of getting the selected building up to code with respect to County health requirements and ADA compliance as well.  The county looks at wine as food and if you serve food you have to meet the requirements for a restaurant so we have some work to do in order to open.  This will delay things a bit but we are moving forward as fast as possible to open.  Once we have the location official, we will update you on a approx. Grand Opening event date.  

On behalf of everyone at Pulchella Winery, I want to again thank you and all your readers for the support you have shown.  Without this, we wouldn’t be this far along in the process.  We are truly laying the ground work for the future of wine in Santa Clarita as it relates to events, tasting rooms and other wine industry related business to easily come to the SCV.  We want to thank you all for supporting us along this journey.  I think in a few years, the true impact of that we are doing will be seen throughout Santa Clarita and the surrounding communities.  

I encourage other local wineries and vineyard owners to contact me so that we can network and collectively continue to pave the wine future in SCV.  There is so much going on that you should all be aware of.  Many might say why would competition work with each other?  In the wine industry, we can do nothing but help each other and are looked at as friends sharing a passion, not competition.  If we all work together we can make our dreams come true in our own town.


Steve Lemley
Co-Owner / Winemaker
Pulchella Winery

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