Chef 101: Snausages…Wait…No Smoked Sausages with Chardonnay and…

Its been very busy in my house for the past month.  My mom went into a nursing home with a busted up hip, my sister and I are visiting daily and struggling to find another four more hours in the day.  My sis might have chips for dinner and I…well…I defrosted these sausages a bit ago (definition of “a bit” = I have no clue) and bought peppers and an onion to grill with them.  Forgot to buy bread and then I remembered (at 3 AM when I got up to make my to-do lists) that I had frozen pretzel bread rolls.  So, the long story is, when in doubt, and you’ve had your own tough month, you can turn this:

Trader Joes Smiked Apple Chardonnay chicken Sausage and Pretzel bread











Into this – and be done with it:

Chicken sausages











Pairing: Vodka martinis, of course.