Love reading the: Thomas Kruse Winery Newsletter (Bring your own bottle day and learning a Zin fact!)

Dear Friends,

On the June 25th, we will have a day where you can bring your own clean bottles and fill them up with our savory red table wine that we call Gilroy Red. If you prefer, we will do the filling and corking while you partake of the ambience and enjoy the food, wine tasting, and live music.

If you are bringing bottles, make sure they are clean and you have removed the foil from the top. If you need bottles from us, they are available, new, for $8.00 a case.

I have seen our label go over a Two Buck Chuck label and also over a label on a $150 bottle of French Burgundy. We aren’t prejudiced.

Our spring has been unusually cool and, as a result, the grapes are not as far along as they would be in a more regular year. This forebodes a later harvest unless we have an abnormally hot rest of the summer.

Ripening is a function of the cumulative heat in a growing season. Our Chardonnay is first to ripen, followed by the Merlot, then the Zinfandel, and, lastly, our Cabernet.

*If you can tell me what is different about Zinfandel grapes – that is, the actual berry – you will be able to get one case of Gilroy Red for (with your own bottles) instead of .
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Google it. I never thought I’d say that, so I’ll say it again. Google it. Hint (answer) – apical scar on grape opposite the pedicil.

I call the apical scar on a Zinfandel grape the “belly button.” It’s the only grape that has this and if you see a cluster of grapes, each with the scar, they can only be Zinfandel.

About our ’08 Late Harvest Zin: We picked those at 31 percent sugar. I’m sure when I read the refractometer – which is an optical instrument that measures the refraction of light and reflects it on a prism that has been calibrated to measure the percentage of sugar in solution by weight – that it probably read 27% or 28% sugar.

The thing with Zin is that the clusters ripen unevenly and there are raisins which don’t dissolve their sugar right away – only later after they have sat in the fermenter for a few days. So with Zin, you can almost always expect the sugar to be higher than your initial reading.

Well, I must have had way more raisins than I anticipated and I “reconstrue” that the sugar must have been 31 or 32% for the alcohol to be 17.2% with a residual sugar of 1%.

Pretty good! It’s the first wine I have made in 48 years of winemaking that I am advising people to decant first before drinking it so the aeration can “cool” it down a little.
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Thanks for reading this.

Phone: 408-842-7458

(Bring Your Own Bottle Day)
Saturday, June 25th
11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Gilroy Red
(Marvelous Blend of Syrah,
Cabernet, and Merlot)

With Your Own Clean Bottles
$60.00 for one case*
$48.00 for two cases or more
We sell a case of brand new bottles for $8.00.

Just Released!
’08 Estate Late Harvest
$16.00 for a bottle
$172.00 for a case

(Four barrels were bottled,
so it is somewhat limited.)
Sale on Chardonnay
and Blanc de Noir

(Prices on Request)
As always, we will have scrumptious goodies,
wine tasting, and live music from our friend,
Frank “Piano Man” Mendiola.