Texas Crown Club Whisky Receives Perfect Score At 2021 Pr%f Awards In Las Vegas

Photo from: Arabghani Me

Judges are sequestered for a two-day private tasting experience. This showdown is comprised of judges who are all buyers from across the country and in different facets of the industry: distributors, retail, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, resorts, airlines, liquor stores, box chains, and online distributors. Each spirit is judged individually and generally either wins Double Gold, Gold, Bronze, or nothing. 100 Points is the highest rating/perfect score.

With its bold but refined notes of vanilla, oak, and caramel, Texas-born Texas Crown Club Whisky embodies a taste as big and unique as the state itself. This whisky is truly unique because of the ultra-premium ingredients added during the distilling process. They select only the finest corn and rye, then slow age the whisky in American-oak Bourbon barrels. Crafting Texas Crown Club this way is what gives it a distinguished, smooth, mellow, and creamy taste. Texas Crown Club Whisky can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks. Texas Crown Club Whisky is proud to create an exceptional award-winning whisky.

“We competed against world-class brands I have known and admired for decades, and WON! Our passion is crafting the best whisky at a price everyone can afford to enjoy.

I’m proud of this recognition, our team, and I look forward to our exciting future,” shared CEO and founder Eduardo Morales.