Over 100 Wines: The 7th Annual Holiday Wine Event

2 thoughts on “Over 100 Wines: The 7th Annual Holiday Wine Event

  1. VWC as usual raised the bar in my eyes. I really enjoyed the selection of Old World Wines being poured by a few of the distributors. Robert from Italia Wine Imports was pouring wines such as Amarone, Brunello and Barolo that were spectacular. Then there was Wendy pouring a wine that I had always wanted to try, Pio Cesare which was fantastic. If you wanted to switch countries, Paul Young Wines and Chateau Direct were pouring excellent Bordeaux and Chateauneu du Papes. Add to this line up all of the New World Wines being poured you can see why I NEVER MISS THIS EVENT. Topped off with excellent appetizers and cheeses and it made for a fantastic day. Thanks Guy and all of your distributors that spoiled us.

    Rusty D. Sly

    1. Thanks for adding in some more info on the event Rust-Man! Robert Posey and Wendy Roberts, among the other reps, worked so hard! I wish we didn’t have to wait another year for the next one!

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