Wine Ratings: Wines from my recent wine appreciation class led by The Cellar’s DiMaggio Washington

Part 1: Old world

09 Domaine de la Quilla, Muscadet de Sèvre-et-Maine Sur Lie – Loire Valley, France

Color – clear, pale yellow.

Aroma – grapefruit, lemon, hints of honeydew.

Taste – high acid, lemon, stainless steel, green apples, nice viscosity.

Finish – mid length.

Conclusion – DiMaggio suggested a pairing of cold seafood salad.  86 Eve pts.


08 Domaine Fouassier L’Etourneau, Rosé – Sancerre, Loire Valley, France

Color – clear, pretty peach.

Aroma – strawberry, floral notes, possibly something vegetal like green bell pepper.

Taste – low to medium acidity, floral notes common with French rosé, palest hint of lemon, nice viscosity, slightly tart, dry.

Finish – mid to long.

Conclusion – You guys know I prefer French rosé to American…


09 Domaine Laroque (100% Cab Franc) – Bordeaux, France

Color – ruby with a dark edge.

Aroma – mushroom, cherry jam, black pepper.

Taste – dry, medium tannins, nicely developed, balanced fruit.

Conclusion – DiMaggio suggested a grilled steak…


08 Poderi Foglia Conca Bianco, Falanghina – Campania, Italy

Color – clear, palest yellow.

Aroma – crisp, pineapple.

Taste – sweet, pale honey, grassy, mild acid, similar to a Sauvignon Blanc.

Finish – short to medium length.

Conclusion – DiMaggio suggested a seafood pairing.  I liked trying a new varietal!


07 Tenuta Bichi Borghesi, Chianti Colli Senesi – Chianti, Italy

Color – dark ruby.

Aroma – mushroomy, vegetal, black pepper, with a hint of mint.

Taste – high acid (to go with tomato-based food per DiMaggio), dry, balanced, tannic, dark red cherries.


09 Domaine Andre Brunel, Grenache – Vin de Pays du Vaucluse, France

Color – Ruby.

Aroma – ripe/bright cherries, pine, some vegetal notes.

Taste – similar to Beaujolais Nouveau, nice bowl of cherries, with some dryness.

Finish – medium.


09 Vina Del Val, Tempranillo – Ribera del Duero, Spain

Color – dark garnet

Aroma – coffee grounds, somewhat vegetal.

Taste – dry, tannic, rich berries, chewy.

Finish – medium length.


09 Hugl Weine, Gruner Veltliner – Weinveirtel, Austria

Color – clear, pale hay.

Aroma – green apple, DiMaggio detected white peach.

Taste – acidity throughout, lemon.

Finish – short.

Conclusion – DiMaggio said to ask for his salad from the chef at The Cellar: Mango, kiwi, shrimp, avocado…and I…didn’t want to toss this one out!


Part 2: New world

08 Shotfire, Shiraz – Barossa Valley, Australia

Color – dark burgundy, opaque.

Aroma – dark cherry, blueberry, wet wood, pale toast.

Taste – nice tannins, black fruit, dry, smooth, black pepper, blueberry, blackberry.

Finish – medium.

Conclusion – good to drink now, wanted a charcuterie plate, 92 Eve pts.


2010 Huia, Sauvignon Blanc – Marlborough region, New Zealand

Color – clear, very light, almost like water.

Aroma – pear, lemon, flinty and, what DiMaggio described as an accepted descriptor of “cat piss”.  (Detecting cat piss isn’t bad by the way, but this sure turned off the class!)

Taste – high acid, strong lemon, unripe apples.

Finish – short.

Conclusion – I needed food to counterbalance the brightness of the wine, but it was pretty darn good alone.


08 Santa Carolina Reserva di Familia, Carmenere – Rapel Valley, Chile

Color – dark garnet, opaque.

Aroma – light cherry, dusty, black peppercorns, mushrooms.

Taste – dry, very tannic – which overpowered the fruit that was showing.

Finish – medium finish.

Conclusion – I didn’t love this one, bet it would be better with steak.


08 Fleur du Cap, Chenin Blanc – Stellenbosch, S. Africa

Color – clear, pale gold.

Aroma – little bit of butter, flinty, unripe white peaches, stemmy?

Taste – high minerality and acid, nice apple and peach fruit.

Finish – short but nice.

Conclusion – General class consensus, including me, liked.


09 Hedges, CMS (cab, merlot, syrah blend) – Columbia Valley, Washington

Color – Clear deep ruby/garnet

Aroma – dirt, berries, stemmy, something vegetal.

Taste – light body, lighter fruits, some cherry, strawberry, nice mouthfeel.

Finish – short.

Conclusion – Good now, drink now, nice with a summer picnic, bought some. 92 Eve pts.


07 Patricia Green Cellars, Estate Pinot Noir – Yamhill County, Oregon

Color – clear, pale garnet.

Aroma – bright cherry, stemmy, mint, maybe some bell pepper.

Taste – acidic, tannic, dry, pale fruit.

Finish – short.

Conclusion – Not for me.


07 Rombauer Merlot, Carneros, Napa Valley, California

Color – clear, ruby.

Aroma – vegetal, wet wood, nice red berry fruits.

Taste – dry, red berry repeated.

Finish – short.

Conclusion – too light, but it was almost the end of the day, might have had a little palate fatigue.


06 Bear Cave Cellars, Syrah – Paso Robles, California

Color – dark plum, opaque.

Aroma – black pepper, pungent fruit, vegetal/mushroomy.

Taste – dry and tannic.

Finish – medium.

Conclusion – Last wine of the day and all I could think was, “Need food!”

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