Goodbye to Cheers @ All Corked Up

Late yesterday afternoon, I received notification from Al Robles, co-owner of Cheers @ All Corked Up, that December 31st would be their final day of operation.


Here is the official message from Al and his business partner Terri Rivera:


Cheers @AllCorkedUp exteriorHi all loyal Cheers customers,


Tuesday night New Years Eve will be our last night at Cheers @ All Corked Up. We’d love it if you would stop by.


Thank you for your all support that you have given us at Cheers while under our ownership.


We have enjoyed all your company and support, and all the musicians that have played at Cheers — the music was great!


We hope we all meet again soon, maybe at the new Cheers or whatever the new name will be.


We are sure you will like the new place when it reopens real soon, because we have heard they want to do what we wish we had had the time to do.


We will cross paths again soon; we will miss you for now.


Thank you all,

Al / Terri


Karen and I enjoyed the many evenings we spent at Cheers, and have become friends with Al and Terri and their families. We wish them well in whatever the future brings.

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  1. evebushman says:

    From Al Robles: “The lockers will remain open Lee still in control of them, as for any lockers inside, they have to contact Jay, and if anyone has a key to those lockers they can still come by and clean them out ASAP or call the restaurant to arrange for a time to pick it up, today (12/31/13) or tomorrow (1/1/14) only.”

  2. Judy Penman says:

    WOW I am so sad they were fabulous for all the years and all they did to give back to SCV non profits, the best wine and the best food. Our last event with Circle of Hope was the best wine and best food ever. We will miss you, best of luck

    Judy Penman,
    Board Member Circle of Hope and Volunteer in SCV supporting good businesses like yours!

  3. Al Robles says:

    Hi Judy,
    Thank you for you response, I’m already at a lost without your company at Cheers and all of my other great supporters of Cheers.
    I loved entertaining my customers, but there was just not enough of you to support us at Cheers.
    I did not mine the 12-14 hours 7 days, but I did mine the 2 years of waiting for the breaking point of Cheers that never came.
    I hope we will all walk the same path again soon.
    Thank you and thanks to all our supporters and friends.
    Al /Terri

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