Perlis Scoop: Liquid Volume Coming Soon to All Corked up Restaurant Space – Locker Members Welcome!

What is Liquid Volume you may ask? Well, it is the soon-to-be-open new occupant of the All Corked Up restaurant space. More information will be coming as the grand opening approaches, hopefully at the beginning of March according to chef/partner Al Kim, but this is what I have so far…

All Corked Up MapThe menu will focus on seasonal fare and small plates. While the term “gastro pub” might be getting a bit overused these days, the idea of filling a table with great farm-to-table dishes to be shared among friends is something we really haven’t seen much of here. Al Kim says the menu will be very focused, with “nothing on the menu that doesn’t have a reason to be there”.

Entertainment, for which the venue has always been known, will be stepped up, with the focus being on high quality professional musicians. I expect we’ll be seeing some of our old favorites, as well as exciting new performers. And some remodeling is being done to enhance the customers’ experience.

Of course, wine has always been involved at this spot, and that will continue, along with great beer choices. Al is committed to keeping wine prices reasonable and the selection exciting. And for those of you who, like me, have wine in the lockers next door or just like to share your special bottles, Liquid Volume will allow outside bottles for a corkage fee.

Stay tuned to Eve’s Wine 101 for more details.

Michael Perlis has been pursuing his passion for wine for more than 25 years. He has had the good fortune of having numerous mentors to show him the way, as well as a wonderful wife who encourages him and shares his interest. After a couple of decades of learning about wine, attending events, visiting wineries and vineyards, and tasting as much wine as he possibly could, he had the amazing luck to meet Eve Bushman. Now, as Contributing Editor for Eve’s Wine 101, he does his best to bring as much information as possible about wine to Eve’s Wine 101 faithful readers. (2013 Update: Eve and Michael announced Eve Wine 101 Consulting. Info is here: Michael can be contacted at


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