Vintage Eve Circa 10/2011: Hawk and Horse Vineyards Twofer…and Then Some (02 Justin Isosceles and 08 Foxen Sea Smoke Vineyard Pinot Noir!)

Getting caught up on unsolicited (wines sent that I didn’t expect) and solicited (new friends that have the gift – of wine) produced this hodgepodge of tasting notes:

Eve on the wine down tv show

Hawk and Horse

2007 Red Hills

Lake County

Cabernet Sauvignon

14.1% alcohol

The color was a clear, beautiful ruby with slight tawny edge in one ounce tasting, purple in full glass. The nose ran from dust, white pepper, wet wood, cherry, dark plumy fruit, smoke, red licorice…very aromatic. The taste was of mellow tannins, bright mature fruit, and a little dry/dusty. And for the finish, the fruit pleasantly gave way to tannins, medium length, I’d say drink now, or wait and see if more complexity comes with age.

86 Eve pts.


2006 Red Hills

Lake County

“Latigo” Cabernet Sauvignon

“Dessert wine made from Cabernet Sauvignon wine grapes”

16.55% alcohol

A burst of deep chocolate, blackberry and white pepper on the nose was followed by a taste of vanilla and raisins, a viscous mouthfeel, very much like a Port, and a short, but not unpleasant, finish.


Justin and Foxen

 Thanks to new wine friends Molly and Derek, and my husband for taking us all to Roy’s for dinner, we were the lucky recipients of two wines from the Molly-Derek collection. (Due to the lighting, and the distraction of the great meal and service, my notes are sans color notations – too dark – and a little frugal. But, rest assured, each was given its fair due of drinking.)

Justin 02 Isosceles

Paso Robles

93% Cabernet Sauvignon, 4 % Merlot and 3% Cabernet Franc, unfiltered.

Aromas of dark, mature cherry was followed in slow succession…wait for it…of blackberry, black plum, mushrooms, and wet oak with a slight bit of eucalyptus. The taste was slightly dry, an almost dusty mouthfeel and cigar smoke that made you think of the age on the wine. But that was quickly brought to perfect balance with the slightly-sweet plum, bringing a conclusion filled with juicy jamminess.

Molly had wanted the wine decanted, but it was too late as we were halfway through the bottle.

Then I remembered my Travel Vinturi in my purse, my favorite new gadget, and we tried the wine again. I then noted more mushroom, bell pepper, slightly drier, a little less fruit, more tannin, yet with nice black cherry noted by Molly. Drink now. 99 Frigging Eve pts.


08 Foxen Sea Smoke Vineyard Pinot Noir

Santa Rita Hills


Decanted 15-20 minutes. An aroma of deep fruit, mint, wet stone, anise, black pepper and black fruit followed by a taste of both the black fruit and black pepper pushing right up front, beautiful mouthfeel. Not a standard “bright cherry and stemmy” flavor that I usually note in Pinot Noirs, this Foxen was a bit of a surprise for me.

And I was doubtful it was due to only 3 years in the Molly-Derek cellar… I’d say drink now, but save a bottle for next year, and the year after, and the year after that…

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  1. Thank you, Eve, for this lovely review – so happy you had time to enjoy these wines. While we are now offering our 2011 vintage, we do have a small amount of the library reserve wines you’re describing available at our website or by calling the winery. Thanks again!

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