New Deal Distillery’s Driftwood Libations offer premium ready-to-drink cocktails

It is no secret that COVID-19 has changed the way that the general population imbibes. The RTD category has exploded in popularity and as consumers’ interest has grown, so has that of beverage producers. This boom led to some truly amazing canned cocktails but there was still something missing from the market. As New Deal’s owner and head distiller Tom Burkleaux explained, “the goal of the Driftwood Libations project was to craft an elevated RTD cocktail, something you might serve up to impress a guest, to celebrate a special occasion, or to truly treat yourself”.

Cue the Driftwood Libations flagship – The Driftwood Manhattan. This cocktail classic is crafted with three-year straight rye whiskey along with house-made vermouth and bitters. All that’s needed is a glass and some ice to enjoy. The success of this ready-to-pour and easy-to-drink cocktail inspired yet another classic, a Brandy Old Fashioned crafted with New Deal distilled Willamette Valley wines. This was soon followed by an Espresso Cocktail that infused house distilled vodka with cacao nibs and Portland-roasted Marigold Coffee, Burkleaux maintaining that “if wide-leg jeans get to come back, so do Espresso Martinis”.

This trio will soon be joined by a Negroni Blanc and Vesper Martini, with more expressions in the works. Looking to buy your friend a round? New Deal Distillery’s Driftwood Libations are now available for shipping to 40+ states:

More about New Deal Distillery:

New Deal Distillery has been making high quality, craft-distilled spirits, inspired by the DIY culture of Portland, Oregon since 2004. All of their artisan spirits are made in small batches with Bull Run water and natural and organic ingredients, sourced locally whenever possible. For more information visit or email